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Color-Port® Water Level Gauges

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Color-Port gages provide continuous indication of boiler water levels as required by the ASME Boiler and Pressure Code. Under PG-60, the Code states: PG-60.1, PG-60.1.1, PG-

Features & Benefits:

  • Long Service Life - The combination of design and long lasting materials assures longer life.
  • Low Maintenance - Individual port assemblies can be replaced in minutes with the gauge in place. Spring loading maintains proper pressure on glasses and gaskets at all times.
  • Two-Color Readings - Contrasting red and green readings show water level through illuminator spotlights. Water space is shown as green, steam space as red.
  • Choice of direct, mirror, or fiber optic viewing systems.
  • Two Basic Designs - For boiler systems to 1800 psi [124 bar] low pressure gauges have nipple ends for use with stuffing box valves. For boiler systems to 3000 psi [207 bar] high pressure gauges have flanged ends for use with Welbloc® valves.
  • Glasses are accurately molded and tempered to Yarway specifications. The assembly of glass, mica and gasket is registered precisely in the gasket groove in the body.
  • Mica - High quality for protecting the inner surface of each glass from the erosive action of steam, water and alkalis.
  • Gaskets - Gauges use a specially-molded flexible graphite sealing gasket between mica and gauge body, ensuring a tight seal.

See the Technical Data Sheet in the Documentation tab for more detailed specifications for the Yarway Color-Port Water Level Gauges


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Technical Data Sheets

Yarway Color-Port Water Level Gauges (English)

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